url parameters for informix via odbc


I cannot get it to work with my Informix database.
I set up the datasource with an odbc connection and when i insert the Parameters manually it works.

But if i try to set the parameter via URL (?custParam=1)
the query ( select * from customers where customer=?url_custParm ) i get a Syntax error. putting the parameter in '' did not work, either. I tried all variants over leaving the questionmark away, not naming the parmeter. Nothing works.

regards Matthias


EPT wrote Feb 11, 2014 at 6:49 PM

I have no knowledge of Informix and cannot test it.

Have you tried this?

Passing parameters to your SQL query

It is possible to filter the data displayed by passing parameters in the query string. For example if you wanted to just show information about a user with the id of 5 you could build a query string like this http://yourwebsite.com/Reports.aspx?userid=5 where Reports.aspx is a page on your site with the reports module on it. You would then add userid into the field named Allowed URL Parameters. You can then use the @url_userid in your query. Example: select * from users where userid=@url_userid.